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Life happens in real-time, and people expect on-demand experiences, so why is payroll stuck in the past?

According to a recent 2020 AMP report, 1.8 million Australian workers suffer prolonged financial stress, costing $31 billion in lost productivity.

Today's fixed pay cycles have been established based on historical practices, and outdated tech is seemingly left behind as the world moves through digital transformation. In the current environment, pay cycles don't often line up with expenses and opportunities.

According to the AMP report, financial stress is not exclusive to low-income earners, with one in ten Australians who earn $100,000 or more experiencing severe or moderate financial anxiety.

This impact affects productivity at mass and flows through to the mental well-being of workers and their families.

For employers, cash flow constraints and old technologies based on batch processing have forced companies into fixed pay cycles and paying their employees in arrears. The workforce's transformational change and behaviors, including the broader world of work, have intensified the need for new innovative ways for companies to pay their people.

Future employer success requires that businesses adopt intelligent workplace practices that put people at the centre of their work experience.

Modern data-driven technology makes it possible to enable a more flexible, responsible way to pay people for earnings, in line with the pace of life's real financial challenges.

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