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Unlock financial freedom

Enable your employees to track, view and receive their money as they earn it. No changes to payroll or impact on cash flow.

Retain the best talent

There's a proven decrease in turnover when an employer enables voluntary Pay Stream® access.

Lead financial wellbeing

Solve the #1 employee distraction and concern at work — financial stress that's directly linked to mental health.

Attract great people

Naturally attract the best people by providing a meaningful personal financial benefit and freedom of choice.

Supercharge savings

Enable your people to set savings to auto-pilot. Automate deductions from earnings each day to reach goals.

Financial equality

Support and promote financial inclusion by enabling access to earned wages to avoid debt and predatory alternatives.

Bills and payments

Auto detect and pay bills to avoid missing payments, setup smart plans and sidestep destructive late fees.

Automated No admin Rapid setup

Stream your income

Linked data exchanges enable accurate wage/salary tracking and access to accrued earnings. Nine25 funds all employee earnings and balances get cleared once money is recevied: no additional work and no impact on cash flow.

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Give every employee real-time access to their earnings. Employees can budget, pay bills, spend confidently and track earnings in real-time - Help put money in the right place, at the right time.

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What industry leaders think
“if salary streaming can prevent just one of my employees from leaving the business this year, that would save me 100K in replacement costs”
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Noel Tiufino
Managing Director MyAccounts

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