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Stream your money as you earn it.

What’s worse than getting paid weekly? Getting paid fortnightly! And let’s not even mention the monthly stretch. Livin' on The Stream™ is being in control of your money in real-time, as you earn it. Whether you are spending, managing or investing - after working for your money, make your money work for you.

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Money management but make it effortless.

No more pesky bills catching you off guard. The Nine25 app tracks your bills and automatically drips portions into streams to cover your financial necessities - making sure you have enough money to pay your bills in full and on time - every time.

Never miss bills


Buy stocks and ETFs with as little as $1.

Get started on your investment journey for less than the price of a soy flat white. Nine25 can consistently calculate & stream your income into your investments - helping you build your wealth empire over time.

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