Be the hero for your employees. Give them their pay — their way

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Financial uncertainty is hard on your people and causes even the best employers to struggle with a stressed and distracted workforce. Nine25's responsible Pay Streaming® platform helps employers deliver a meaningful benefit for employees, build goodwill, and enable a path to long-term financial health.


The impact of financial stress is real

Nine25 Invest In Your People

Make financial wellbeing a priority. Help your people break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.


KPMG 2020 Report

of surveyed workers are more willing to switch to employers already offering earned wage access (EWA).


EY 2020 Report

of Australians are living paycheck to paycheck and can't find $500 in an emergency.


PwC 2020 Report

of surveyed employees say finances have been their leading source of stress while at work.


VISA 2019 Report

of surveyed workers would be willing to work longer for an employer who offered earned wage access.


VISA 2019 Report

of surveyed workers spend time thinking about or dealing with finance distractions while at work.


AMP 2020 Report

the cost to employers per year directly linked to job security, presenteeism and absenteeism.

Invest in your people

Nine25 Super Hero

Investing in your peoples short and long-term financial success results in substantial increases in ROI for your business and impacts your workforce's wellbeing.

Offer Pay Stream®

Enable real-time wage access with no impact to cash flow or regular pay cycles.

Attract great talent

Naturally attract the best people by providing a meaningful benefit.

Engage with purpose

Drive culture and increase morale by focusing on financial resilience.

Financial equality

Support employees and their full diversity without exclusion helping to avoid debt.

Proven retention

There's a proven decrease in turnover when employers offer earned wage access.

Lead wellbeing

Solve the #1 employee concern at work — financial stress directly linked to mental health.

Supercharge your HR team

Nine25 Development

When it comes to your people, company and culture, it’s all connected. Get actionable insights throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Actionable insights Coming

We give your managers the personalised insights they need to improve their teams, backed up with real-time data that drives outcomes.

Employee engagement Coming

Increase productivity and retention with Intelligent listening tech that surfaces the truth through ongoing two-way conversations.

Banking-grade security Active

We take security and anonymity seriously, which is why our data protection and security measures are in line with industry best practice.


How it works

Nine25 Development

Nine25's responsible pay app gives your staff access to pay when they need it, and the power to plan — long before payday arrives.

Plugs into payroll

Integrates seamlessly with existing payroll platforms with no impact to your company or employees.

Employees download app

A simple to use app, providing employees with access to their pay daily or whenever they need.

Employee withdraws

Nine25 funds requested transfers with no effort, impact to cash flow or changes to your processes.

Automatic repayments

We create a standard deduction with no disruption to your payroll team on payday.


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Free to join, no impact to cash flow and integrates with payroll systems